The story of the band’s creation begins on that frostbitten January of 2014. From a basement in a house from a small, picturesque međimurian village rang melancholic melodies of a band that was slowly crawling from its shell. From this band came a part of members which gave birth to a side project incorporating the idea of playing Celtic folk music. On this key night (7 January, 2014) Jura sends a message to Filip about founding an Irish band to which Filip replies with a call beginning with, as quoted, ‘That’s exactly what I wanted to ask you!’. That was it, from that moment on everything seemed clear. An agreement was forged, David joins in on the drums and the band’s axis is formed.

Thanks to David, Martin Recek approaches the band as an accordion player, but unfortunately, due to numerous obligations he is only shortly a part of the band.

The plan for everyone to play whichever instrument necessary fell quickly apart which left us an opening for someone who would like to play the tin whistle. Finding such a person in this region seemed a mission impossible and a lot of energy was spent searching for an adequate musician. Luckily for us, Sanja becomes part of the story and accepts the challenge of learning to play the whistle with exhilaration which was shown to be a cat’s whisker later on.

Martin is replaced on the accordion by Kristijan Peter, but he also stays only for a short while because of collegiate obligations. In the meantime, the drummer David Mustač is forced to give up playing for medical reasons which was an enormous loss for the band. David is as a friend and as a musician a person you can always lean on and someone we could have always counted on regarding any kind of a musical project (as awkward as the word ‘project’ may sound in this context).

Not losing hope and firmly believing everything we slowly began constructing we launch a new search party. We began publishing announcements on Facebook, sending inquiries to all sides, we were boring friends and acquaintances, like freaks adding unknown people and barging into their chat windows with our ideas. Because of the specificity of the genre and the fact that the accordion in this region is prostituting itself in questionable musical oceans, our search was quite a bit difficult. Not to even begin talking about seeking someone to play the ‘bodhran’, an absolute unknown in the locality we live in. Although we were a bit discouraged by the situation, that was exactly the impuls we needed to try even harder and build the foundations of persistence of this band.

That effort and stoutness pay off we were convinced when finally a person approached us for whom we were (after only a brief voyeurly look into his Facebook profile in the manner of FBI agents) quite secure he was what we were looking for. We gained confirmation of being right in the Patrix Bar in Čakovec where we had gathered and brought upon him our ideas and plans. A single rehearsal was enough for us to ‘click’ and so came Ivan-Goran Herman to the position of accordionist to our great joy into the merry sailorly company.

The only thing left for us to do was to find a musician to play percussion and the bodhran which, sadly, wasn’t accomplished in 2014. That didn’t stop us, though, to publish our first single, the cover of the song ‘Fairytale of New York’ by the legendary Pogues in our style for Christmas holidays.

The recording was made in Filip’s household studio in a truly chaotic and accelerated rhythm, five minutes to twelve. Despite bags and headaches in the end everything turned out great. For the afore mentioned song we shot a promo video on Yule day. Our silly directives were obediently followed by Luka Budiša who came to help in the last hour and for that we are greatly thankful. Except for the video, he took care of getting us a few quality press photos. A not-so-great video processing was also done by ourselves and issued on Youtube on Christmas afternoon. The video is not permeated by top ideas and a majestic directing, but it nonetheless has a soul and is (at least to us) filled with emotions that were gathered through one year’s worth of work, effort and devotion to our band, our family and our biggest love.

On the same day our cover song was released on Radio Čakovec, which was our first appearance on that medium, and The Pogues have also published it on their official Facebook page.