About Us



cajon / bodhran

Our band’s helmsman takes out his restless spirit on the cajon and the bodhran dictating the tempo to the entire crew. He has finished 6 classes of the elementary school of music for classical guitar. He maintains a distinctive relationship with his brother Ivan-Goran with the use of frequent provocations and bickering. A university student and our direct connection to the underground, should we ever bog in those waters. He likes hardcore and plays Irish folk. He’ll drink when necessary, it’s no bad.



tin whistle / vocal

The clear singing voice and the Captain’s Daughter whom you already know from the band’s name, tender and stormy like the sea we sail at the same time. She is our navigator and the compass that returns us en route when we stray from the subject and when humor leads us away from work :) At the same time, she is also an admirer of contagious laughter, and if we ever do joke on her expense, it’s all in good spirit – like the instrument she plays, the tin whistle, she can sound joyfully and full of melancholy simultaneously. An imaginative philosopher who turns order into chaos and then into order more to her liking again, she loves The Simpsons, the Central News, wok meals and Duško Lokin.



bass / vocal

The tallest and most charming member of the crew. Lighthearted in nature and adventurous in spirit, with his dynamism he holds together warm and deep tones within the crew. Always ready for action. To each question related to a challenge of any sort he responds with the popular phrase: ‘’Wellh, sure!’’. In addition to the bass, he often plays guitar and occasionally does an emotive rendition of a song or two in his pleasant voice in rehearsal. He also sets his creativity free drawing with a pencil. Before sleep he enjoys listening to music or reading a good book.


violin / mouth-accordion / vocal

A student of FER (Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing), professor, the most hardworking member of the band, the booking manager and musical producer. He’s the initiator of the whole story who, with his energy and persistence always pushes forward, which isn’t always easy, especially when you have 6 entirely different individuals in the band. However, interpersonal love and harmony of the group grant him the needed zest, optimism and knowing his work isn’t in vain. A violinist under the sharp eye of legendary professor Jožica. A person whose obligations need more than 24 hours in a day. An exceptional friend always prepared to help. A major musical enthusiast, astrophysicist and a relentless seeker in pursuit of true happiness to be found in fateful love, with ”the one”, which would absolutely complete his whole universe!



accordion / vocal

The oldest and the baldest member of our merry crew. Our accordion player and philosopher, plays all black-and-white-keyed instruments, sometimes guitar. Except for playing and singing with us, he demonstrates his singing abilities in the ‘Josip Štolcer Slavenski’ choir, within the male chamber group of the same choir and in a Bruce Springsteen tribute band. Occasionally he conducts the choir of the Women’s Association of Sivica (older ladies who love him dearly). He’s easily recognized by his light green Mercedes which he inherited from his grandfather. He’s in a relationship with our merry singer, Sanja. A professor of the Croatian language and philosophy, he uses his philosophical thought (of incorrigible optimism) to maintain a positive and cheerful spirit in the band.



guitar / vocal

A lad of long, golden hair, often thought to be genuinely Irish (and sometimes confused with Goldilocks), from the band’s beginning skillfully picks the strings, passionately sweeps the guitar in the rhythm of joyful Irish jigs. It all started in the tending arms of Cultural Arts Society of the village of Donji Kraljevec, which was followed by an independent guitar effort, playing weddings, christenings, terraces, festivals and funeral feasts (the funerals themselves, unfortunately, weren’t in their job description), a few short-lasting bands and finally, of course, our little company. In his free time he plays basketball and drinks beer in his favorite pub. For all those who asked, he washes his hair three to four times a week. Never uses hair conditioner.


He started his music career by playing „bisernica“ in KUD Donji Kraljevec in his early childhood, not knowing that later he’ll be known as a very skilled player who can play almost any string instrument. Being the youngest member of our band, Dino spends his free time watching cartoons before the News, not listening to his older brother and going out and chill with a pint of beer (it’s never just one beer). He likes to hang out with his friends and catch Pokemons. When playing gigs with his tambura band, Dino is always accompanied by „slightly older than him“ gorgeous women and thus being the serious threat to the other single guys from the band. Yeah, that’s our mandolin master.



sound engineer / administration / social networks

It’s difficult to describe in few words such a wonderfully peculiar man as is our sound engineer, Daniel (nicknamed Čiko [Chiko]). He came out of nowhere and unexpectedly, fell on our ship and turned it into his home, and we can’t begin to imagine the band without him. Adventorous, hard-working, funny, great at balancing different spheres of life, willing to learn – every mother’s dream son-in-law. Čiko is the man who knows the man who knows the man who knows the man. Simply said, Čiko is the maid-of-all-work.