Goodbye and hello, new member though?!

Now, when the thoughts and emotions have calmed down, maybe it’s time to steadily say a few words. You know that the most twisted things always happen when they are least needed and expected. We thought that those things can’t happen to our little companionship, at least for now or in the close future (maybe it was just me?) but lady Fortune wanted to play with us and left us with no choice but to follow her rules.

After we all had finished our work/college responsibilities (some more, others not so much :) ) and after a short break when we didn’t play music together because we couldn’t sync our schedules, there were more and more band obligations. I was often sitting on the balcony and thought about my boys in band that are somewhere norther in Međimurje. This mellow and fuggy Zagreb air has just worsen my grieff and sorrow for my home village and it’s emerald vastness where I had spend my entire life. I’ve noticed that mostly students from Međimurje have this „Heimweh syndrome“. I’m not surprised.

So let’s focus on the main theme of this post. On the 10th of July 2016. we’ve made a big jump, and by that we don’t mean on „Big Jump Varaždin“ but on the jump in the new era of our band. It was our last gig as a former group. Steam and damp in the air, mosquitos preying on their victims, and we are waiting on our last time, for it won’t ever be the same. That’s what we thought (or it was again just me?). And to finally break your doubts, we had to say goodbye to our mandoling player, Jura.

As you all know, working with other people requires a lot of effort and patience. As the saying goes: „quod capit, tot sententiae”, you have to be ready to all kinds of unexpected things to happen. This is sadly one of them. We have to respect the decisions of others even if those decisions are devastating for us. So, the only thing that’s left for us to do is to bow down to our Jura, shake his hand, thank him for everything and wish him all the best. Is that all? That is all.

The gig on Big Jump, Varaždin went really well. Because of the always ready and kind sound technicians, we felt on the stage like we dominated the whole world, but we couldn’t get rid of that little bugging of ours. The mood in audience was excellent, and I have to compliment one little crew that was always dancing to our music and later yelling for encore. The day had ended with one great portion of beans with sausage and hopefully expecting the next day without consequences.

Big Jump Gallery

What happened after this gig can be named one of the most stressful period in our band. A lot of gig offers are coming and we are missing one piece, one vocal, one mandolin player. What now? Life or death? Debate: New member or not? If we continue without a member, then we have to change and revise all the songs, but if we get a new player then we have to start from the beginning. Then, all of a sudden, our David picks an Ace out of his pocket, his younger brother. Even though I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, it was only a week to our next gig, and I personally haven’t met this little Dolenec guy. It was a lottery. There wasn’t much time to think so we had to try with him. I have to say, that Mali (that’s how we call him, it means “little one”) had beaten all of my expectations. Dino is only 16 years old, our little band baby, but plays like a great man. Only sky is his limit. He fit really well in CDS group, and his biggest support is his older brother David. It’s best to keep it in family. That’s what we said in the beginning of the band, and this wasn’t an exception.

After just two rehearsals with Dino we had to go on stage. 23th of July 2016. Bikers meeting, Mursko Središće. We had no stage fright but there were some odd views. Irish folk band playing on bikers meeting?! Surrounded with big, bearded bikers?! Did we really need this? Everyone around us wearing leather jackets, sunglasses… and there we are, standing in our outfits; suit pants and white shirts. But after a few beers we really didn’t care that much and realized that those bikers were nice, kind and sweet people. Good hearted bikers.


Before concert in Mursko Središće

Hallucinations aren’t such a rare phenomenon, especially if we count x beers and the warmth. In one moment, Filip says: “Roko Leni Ukić! My childhood role model! Ex NBA basketball player, current player of Italian 1st league Pallacanestro Cantù Team!” And there goes Filip. I didn’t understand that hype of his, but it was his role model since he was playing basketball actively. “Let’s take a picture together, he’ll come to us!” When Filip wants something he usually gets it. So we have met Roko, had a little chat and wished him all the luck on the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Also he wished us all the best with our band. Later, I found out that he’s really passionate about rock music and also an excellent drummer, but that isn’t that odd for he is Daleka Obala’s drummer’s son.


With Captain of Croatian national basketball team

It was 11 pm when we got on stage. And it was good as well. Dino had successfully broken the ice (with a lot of broken strings). The audience was satisfied and dancing all the time. We met lots of new people and arranged some gigs abroad. That was a big step forward for all of us, especially our new mandolin player Dino so we’re once again going in the garage to finish some songs up.

Next challenge: 31th of July 2016.;Podroom, Porcijukolovo. See you?