Hey, ho, to the studio we go!

World wide premiere of Hey! Ho! To the Bottle I Go!


A merry jig, known to most people from the extended version of “Lord of the Rings” where hobbits Merry and Pippin dance to it happily on a pub’s dining table, makes for a wonderful joyous message we’d love to pass on to you! Although we started working on the song the previous summer, its release date closely coincided with our 4th birthday which was 3 weeks ago. Therefore, this is our birthday present to you, dear audience :)


Recorded, for the most part, at Robert Kljajić’s ROAD production studio in Slovenia, with the assistance of Andi Gal, the song got its final form in Sveta Marija, at the trusty home studio of our very own Filip Horvat. The visual component was designed by Ivana Geček, our friend who already did an excellent job on our previous video, Johnny I hardly knew ya. Thank you, Ivana, for your beautiful imagination and creativity :)

Hey ho

A big thankya to the guys from ROAD production studios, all our other associates and supporters, and especially to our fans.

Come to the bottle with us!


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