Hey, I know you!

The premiere of the “Johnny I hardly knew ya” song and video


We had guns and drums and drums and guns, Hurroo Hurroo…
We had guns and drums and drums and guns, Hurroo Hurroo…


Traditional became subversive; national became universal; from Dr. Strangelove to The Dropkick Murphys. One of the most potent Irish anti-war traditional songs became that domesticated to our wild ears that it overcame all nationalistic categories and became a general appeal of conscience to stop the grotesque horror scences that we see almost daily through our small screens.

The song was recorded at the SAE Institute in Ljubljana with the help of Nikola Grozdek and at Filip Horvat’s home studio in Sveta Marija. The verses were visually accompanied by Lea Ahmetović and Ivana Geček.

Let us, however, start a brighter topic. In our last post we threw a bug into your ear. The time has come to reveal what’s it all about and who are these mysterious people who joined us in creative chaos, i.e., process.

Through a huge (we really mean huuuuuge!) effort, we recorded a part of “Johnny” in the Ljubljana division of the SAE Institute with the help of our friend, Nikola Grozdek. The journey to the heart of great Slovenia passed generally without difficulty; the hardest parts were the language, the currency and choosing what kind of sauce and dressing to put into our kebabs. The rest of the song was recorded home under the wakeful eye of maestro Filip Horvat. From Sveta Marija. Who plays the violin. In our band.

The second part of work was done, more than successfully, by Lea Ahmetović and Ivana Geček, students of the Applied Arts Academy in Rijeka. They visually accompanied the verses using a combination of stop-motion animation and collage. We need to make a confession: you will not be the first audience to see the video. This work took part in the Media exhibit of the students of the Applied Arts Academy, bearing the name “Lights in the dark”. Hm, we believe you’ll be hearing about these girls on our site more often in the future.

We would therefore like to say thankya! to our cooperators, thank you for the effort, sweat, time and stress… But it may be better to view this audiovisual work as a product of love for art! In the end we’d love to invite you to throw in a couple of views on our, your, their audiovisual mish-mash and send us your impressions!


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