In Zagreb

The ice is broken! In those words had yesterday’s trip to Zagreb ended. A month ago we chose May 9th as the day of our first show. And guessed it amazingly. Through the openings on the blinds the Sun’s rays were going, radiating the positive energy they used to power the day. We began our roadtrip in from Sv. Marija with two cars filled with instruments and a team which was, devastated from the previous night, trying to capture an hour or two of sleep. David was already waiting for us in Zagreb. Taming the curvy paths of Croatian zagorje, we arrived to Croatia’s metropolis. We’ve unloaded, left the vehicles on FER’s hot asphalt and, a bit nervous but happy to finally take the first step to our dreams coming true, set out towards Zrinjevac park. Dressed in an old-fashioned Irish flair, we carried our instruments through the streets of Zagreb, soaking gazes of accidental passers-by. We found our piece of shade in the seething city under the treetop of a plane tree in the park of Zrinjevac. We were welcomed by the burble of a fountain, a spring’s breeze, a park filled with people and small children, carriages driving interested tourists and a concert just being held on the main stage.

This is it, we’re finally here, everything we’ve dreamt of for a long time is now coming true. In the first tone of the violing everything was resolved, nothing more can stop us now. We had a dream, procured the instruments, gathered a team, created a small musical family, learned to play, compiled a repertoire, sat into cars, set out to the state’s center, took out the (not too sound and quality-filled) instruments and played them. When you realize what you did and that it’s possible to accomplish what you’d set out to do, it only gives you the strength and urge to carry on. We started our gig with the instrumentals, ‘Irish washerwoman’ and ‘Ryan’s polka’ and with the first few bars of music our support group of girls began dancing. We carried on in the same tone with ‘Drunken lullabies’ and ‘I’ll tell me Ma’ which prompted the rest of the gathered people to begin a gentle in-rhythm swing. Except for the listed songs, we’ve presented Zagreb also with ‘Beer Beer Beer’, ‘Rose Tattoo’, ‘If I ever leave this world alive’, ‘Devil’s dance floor’, ‘Rainy night in Soho’, ‘Molly Malone’ and ‘Drunken sailor’. It was an excellent overture to the second gig which we did on Cvjetni trg (the Floral Square) and after just a little short of an hour we left the park to continue its breathing in silence. In a nearby cafe we rested for a while over beer (except for Viktor who also loves water, especially the day after Friday :) ), soothed our emotions and waited for 15 o’ clock. When the hour came, we set out to the very centre of the city and placed ourselves in front of ‘Dubrovnik’ hotel. With the first bars of music we only honored a few locals drinking beer on a nearby bench, but as the repertoire progressed, our audience grew. It was merry, charged with emotions and a general positive feeling. After the gig we met a few young musicians from a bend called ‘East’, talked for a bit, exchanged experiences and in the end handed them over the stage of the city. Happy and satisfied with what we’ve experienced we went back to our vehicles. We ate some biscuits, drank loads of water and left Zagreb with clouds barely noticeably leaning over it. Exhausted, but rife with adventure we whizzed through rain-soaked Zagorje and returned home about 8 p.m.

A great thank you to everyone who came to listen to us and to give us support. The next time we’ll see each other most probably in the streets of Varaždin. Slainte!