It’s only been 3 years!

To Age! To Age! Why does one care?

As the wrinkles grow longer and gray graces your hair.

Life should be simple because when push comes to shove,

The only one counting is the good Lord above!

-„traditional Irish birthday blessing“


After the celebration of New Year 2017. we have one more reason to celebrate. Time flies by, years silently crawling under the skin, noticing changes only after a good look in the mirror. Wrinkles, scars and “wounds” as reminders of our present state give us the reason to think about our well and those not so well decisions. Still, we are only people. Year 2016. has brought us all kinds of things, treasure, like sea in a gulf and those unexpected things, items that we couldn’t “get rid of” and still can’t. Numerous things and feelings have “crashed” in front of us but none of it is a reason to give up.

We’re gladly remembering all the wonderful moments, especially the “mini tour” around St. Patrick’s Day. Unforgettable times with dear people, benign squabbles, meeting new interesting people, road trips abroad (Road trippin’ baby), toothpaste on pillows… and nevermore, nevermore (raven, not a drunk).

Of course, we would like to thank all the folks that have been in any way following us and in various ways, by giving ideas, bringing all sorts of delicious food, visually or auditory supporting us in last three years. If you find yourself here, come over to us for a beer or two.

For the end, dear readers, followers, supporters, we salute you in our festive spirit and we’re announcing the next report around this year’s St. Patrick’s Day and until then – whatever happens – no hard feelings.



Yours CDS