The sun shone brighter than ever this summer, and so did our efforts In the wake of first performances ‘’for real’’ on stage. After the street performance in the centre of Zagreb and the one in the park and musical pavilion of the city of Koprivnica, as well as private performances, the first public ‘’big gig’’ on stage had arrived. On Friday, July 31st 2015, we were supposed to perform in Čakovec’s main square as the opening act for Gibonni and Vlatko Stefanovski, but because of some technical oversights of the organizers, the performance, unfortunately, had to be cancelled. However, the next day Ludbreg was waiting for us with its ‘’Idemo Otok!’’ festival, completing its tenth edition. The friendly hosts, led by Tomica and Denis, welcomed us warmheartedly; we repaid them in a jolly performance which made the whole ‘’Island’’ dance. Everything went by in a friendly atmosphere with great company and in good humour. The recording with the performance clip says it all, therefore we shan’t spend too many words. Briefly, it was excellent, jolly, charged with positive energy.

Take a look for other photos in our gallery.

In the meanwhile we restored the old, haggard Ivan’s berda with a master from Koprivnica; it now sounds better than ever. We’ve also had a small problem with Filip’s violin, but it was quickly resolved. The problem of excess string breaking on the mandolin was also resolved, we only have a few issues with the accordion left – the keys began to fall off. We hope this too shall one day be solved, when the financial situation allows us to do so.


 Restoration – repairer Antun Tilošanec

The plan was to tour the coast this summer, however our plan was busted in the end; but we hope to make it happen next year already. The set list of twenty songs is currently being polished, and the goal is to actualize a full repertoire of 35 songs for solo concerts by the next St. Paddy’s Day. We’ve also received an interesting offer of recording a Međimurje folk song utilizing irish folk elements in friendly collaboration with Ljubomir Ciglar. As soon as we finish the preparations for upcoming performances, we’ll undertake this venture. The promo video for the song ‘’Molly Malone’’ still awaits us, this is, hopefully, going to be resolved by summer’s end. On top of that, our violin player, Filip Horvat, became a proud owner of FER’s diploma, thus the student part of his life ended. He carried on with his pedagogue education, therefore we shall soon, along with Ivan-Goran, get another professor in the band. In time this number may rise, seeing as we have 3 freshmen in the band. Viktor became a freshman in Čakovec, Ivan in Varaždin and Sanja in Zagreb, David shifted from Zagreb to Varaždin which will make it easier to come to rehearsals. May they have a happy and successful schooling!


We’ll now take a short recess, a performance in a private party awaits us, and should all things be in order, we’ll prepare something merry by the end of August, but hic Rhodus…

That’s all for a while, keep an eye on us, be good, healthy and positive! Enjoy!