We’ve marked the first day of summer and the World Music Day by appearing in the cultural-artistic event of Croatian naïve art called ‘’ The motifs of Podravina ‘’. Around 6 p.m. we occupied the stairs in front of the musical pavilion of Koprivnica’s main park and (in our unusual appearance) elicited the glances and interest of curious bystanders who weren’t unplentiful on that summer afternoon. After a brief introduction, we started, in the already common protocol, with our instrumentals, ‘’The Irish Washerwoman’’ and ‘’Ryan’s Polka’’.


Interview and announcement  

The first few measures of the positive vibes which Irish music radiates have already produced smiles on the faces of gathered people; this slowly, as the appearance approached its end, rounded up all the more people. Kids were dancing, distributing our visiting cards around, youth and age were joyful together and in the end an encore was demanded. Although we were limited by the length of the program, the organizers, being aware of the situation, gave us permission to satisfy the appetite of our audience so we invited them all for a refreshment with the song ‘’Beer Beer Beer’’. Except for the mentioned songs, we also presented Podravina with ‘’Drunken Lullabies’’, ‘’Dirty Old Town’’, ‘’I’ll Tell Me Ma’’ and ‘’If I Ever Leave This World Alive’’, and for the first time we did a few songs from our mother region of Međimurje like ‘’Katruže (Peonies)’’, ‘’Da Bi Se Zrušile Te Legradske Gore (Should The Hills of Legrad Fall Down)’’, ‘’Protuletje se Otpira (Spring Is Coming)’’ and ‘’Stiha Stiha (Quietly, Quietly)’’.

After the concert we were treated with beer and we reprised our repertoire once more before saying goodbye to Koprivnica in front of the park’s entrance in the company of a blacksmith, a playful mascot (Lino) fooling around and amusing the youngest and all other casual passers-by who weren’t doubtful whether to stop and hear our performance to the very end.

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Near the end of this exciting day, during late nocturnal hours we ended up in Mala Subotica in the studio of ‘’Jazbina’’ (‘’The Burrow’’) where fine hosts (Costa, Lajtman) served, fed and presented us in front of a gathered host of musicians of Međimurje. We repaid them with a performance to the general enthusiasm of the gathered people who in turn gave us a wonderful vast dose of positive energy and joy. In the air that night an incredible musical synergy was reigning, and the stars dispersed in the clear sky that night smiled satisfyingly, happy for us and our dreams slowly coming true.


We hugged goodbye, exchanged a few words still, sang a melody or two and happy and a bit tired went back to our homes :)