After washing out the sweat, hair spray and the taste of beer from our mouths, impressions settle down just like the fillings of the cake I just put into the oven. Sour cherry, banana, chocolate – our current state of mind. As I watch the little light in the oven (which was turned off a long time ago, but imagine it’s still on, it’s all about the idea), the scene sent me flying to the stage of Varaždin’s main square (Korzo) in the speed of light… Every one of us standing behind his mike holding his instrument in his hand, the clock striking 9 o’ clock and… there we go.


The singing, joyful, dancing and jumping audience followed our rhythm wonderfully, every our crescendo and accellerando. For a moment we all got the impression that we were hotshots of the musical scene, not a band in the beginning of its career whose posts are barely read by a handful of kids. Yesterday’s (24th August) atmosphere animated an audience in aspan of 5 to 50+ years of age which is evident proof that age is not of greatest importance for a great time, but a healthy and joyous spirit. And, see, it wasn’t as hard to play when the front rows are filled with people dear to you, as well as those who soon will be. After the gig compliments were plentiful, and complaints non-existent, therefore we hope it shall so remain. A great big thanks to all of you for the support and see you at the next play-off!

Other photos are here.