The creative incubator!

Don’t let the media fool you: we are indeed doing something! The apparent “inactivity” on the web and in social networks is just a sign, a standstill, a calm before the storm (whe, wha, whie?), a signal somethin’s cookin’ (kale stew?), that actually there’s an upcoming feast (rather like Plato’s Symposium), a rhapsody for all the senses (it may be in blue as well), a smörgåsbord, cold buffet or “Swedish table” (From Ikea with love, of course) where everyone may (we hope!) find something for himself (hey, French salad is also served!)…

Interdisciplinarity, of which there a lot of talk nowadays, contains in itself a hidden idea: with such interdisciplinary cooperation one does not only gain a sensitivity for differences and understanding other areas of art, science, activity in general, but we also come closer to each other as people, and the “product” gained by this interdisciplinary cooperation carries in itself a sum of the best things we may give and bestow upon the whole, a miniature cosmos! Lo, every man for himself IS a small cosmos! We tried to give up selfishness and self-sufficiency, to include other creative people (whom the public, although they may not know them yet, is going to crave!) into our creative process. Who are these people? You’ll find out soon enough.


Hm, enough with the philosophicals. What can you expect over the next few months? Well, we may say there will be music, surely enough. Good music, of course. For the last two years we travelled, recorded in different studios with different people and equipment, created, improved and had fun. There is more work ahead, but we hope you’ll like the fruits of our work so far. We made an effort to support everything with visualia (we hope we won’t let you down here either). Lastly, but not leastly, we’ll make sure to symbollicaly reward you for your loyalty and for tracking our progress. We won’t tell you everything yet, so keep your eyes open and your ears ready!


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