Why only one day when you can have a whole month?


Valentine’s Day, Carnival, Easter, National Holidays… Hey, wait a minute! What about St. Patrick’s Day? We don’t usually practice celebrating this particular (Holi)day, but if we just take a look across the continent, we’d see a bit different culture, somewhat, drunker and “greener” (not in that way, hah). Lifelong education is almost an imperative today so it wouldn’t hurt to take some time to find out and learn something different, to some even, unknown. So, let’s dedicate that in not just one single day, but a whole month starting at 17th February – 17th March in, let’s call this, “School period” where we’ll try to bring some knowledge in your lives.

We’ve decided that in this one-month period we will give you a daily dose of interesting facts, music, dance, movie recommendations and beautiful scenery. (Maybe you will need it in a pub quiz)

To demonstrate your freshly acquired knowledge we have also prepared some concerts for you. The beginning of “St. Paddy’s mini tour 2017.” will be on the 10th of March in Prelog (Forum). St. Patrick’s Day, the 17th of March, will be celebrated in Zagreb (Hard Place), and the cure for the hangover will be found the next day, 18th of March in Varaždin (Medina Škrinja). Our last gig (as we know it for now) will be played abroad, 24th of March, in Lendava (O’Connor’s Irish Pub).

That’s all from us (for now), and don’t forget your homework to help us celebrate this month and remember all the historical, Irish personalities and legends. Buy some mussels from Molly Malone, toast with Paddy Murphy but don’t embarrass your parents like an old Drunken Sailor. However, you can drink some Whiskey in the Jar, take a walk around Dublin (at least virtually) and meet your Galway Girl.

Sláinte, stay tuned for new content.

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